Help!! Need to know about compact Bearn Wallet...

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  1. Hello.
    I am new in Hermes thread.
    Thinking about to purchase a compact Bearn wallet (but I have limited knowledge about this beauty).
    Could anyone help me and provide some info?
    I really appreciate your time!
    Any pics are great!

    What is the retail price of the compact Bearn wallet?
    Where can I find one?
    Does it come with different leathers?

    Thank you!:smile:
  2. I believe US will have some compact bearns available for you to check with regards to pricing etc.. HTHs!
  3. The retailprice depends on the leather; They also come in exotics (croc, ostrich and lizard) that make the price-differences considerably larger.
  4. Here is some info taken from the UK H website

    Béarn Mini Wallet (closed : 10,4 x 7,2 cm)
    palladium 'H' tab and leather strap closure,
    2 credit card slots,
    1 change purse with snap
    Ref. 039793CK47
  5. Thank you, misssA, tae, Syma!
  6. Hi AMJ, I used to own a compact Bearn - it doesn't look the same as the "mini wallet" on the hermes website. The inside has a zipped coin pocket, 4 CC slots, and 3 other slide pockets. I had to request mine from the boutique and bought it for $1400 (w/o tax) approximately 5 years ago - black chevre with PHW. HTH!