(help) Need to identify this LV

  1. Hi i've been given this LV bag but i dont know the model's name
    can any1 help me? and also if any1 happen to knows the retail price for it.. so i can giving back at the same level ....
    thanks in advance

  2. This is the Epi Pochette Demi Lune in what looks like Vanilla. I'm not sure of the retail though.
  3. ^^^ Yup, it's the Epi Pochette Demi Lune.
  4. Thanks for the Info...
    roughly how much is this model will cost?
  5. I've seen these go for about $200- $350 on eBay.
  6. Used 1 right?
    hmm i want to now the new 1 price.
    but thanks anyway
  7. read our rules before posting here anymore.
  8. There's no selling on the forum.....you might want to try eBay.
  9. I love that bag. I always wanted one but was too poor to get it when it was out. Now it's discontinnued. :tdown: