Help! Need to identify size of my chanel!

  1. Okay, here's the deal. I bought a Chanel bag about 2 months ago. Although I knew I wanted a classic flap, the purchase was somewhat impulsive. My problem now is that I can't determine what size it is. I know it's medium or small, I always believed it was medium, but now I'm in doubts and wonder if it might be small. I'm posting some pictures of it next to my perf. LV speedy 30 to try and give a better image of the size. (Please apologize the mess in the background - I've had so many things to do that I haven't had the time to clean my room).
    DSC01948.jpg DSC01949.jpg
    DSC01950.jpg DSC01951.jpg

    Also, I bought this bag from a very exclusive department store (the danish equivalent of NM/Saks/whatever), so I don't doubt it's authencity, but I read somewhere that the quilting are supposed to me consistent (sp?) on real bags, but on my bag the quilting looks wierd between the front flap and the rest of the purse. Am I just wrong about the "quilting rule", or can it be a consequence of me storing it wrong or something? (I keep it in it's dustbag, in the box it came in). That was somewhat weird formulated, but I hope you get what I mean. :smile:
  2. It looks like the 10" bag which would make it the medium size. The small is 9", medium is 10", then you jump up to a JUMBO which is 12". (GORGEOUS BAG BY THE WAY!) I have it with gold HW.
  3. The quilting looks pretty darn close in the photos- it could be just a natural cause occurance that pulls the flap down a little low. Sorry, I hope someone else can help you with the size.
  4. Thanks! Luccibag, I'll measure it tomorrow. I saw your black bag with gold hardware in the other thread - it's gorgeous. I'm gonna save up for either that or a grey one when I've bought some LV's that are higher up on my essentials list ;) Bagpuss, I'm hoping it's a natural cause too, but I'm so nervous although I know it's real. Oh, the drama! :smile:
  5. If 10" is the medium, what size is the large?
  6. Re the quilting, if you bought the bag at a reputable dep store then it surely should be OK, but the quilting does look pretty badly out of line!
    I have 3 of these and I have just "jiggled" them around the clasp and
    can't make them look like that, what is the back like where the quilting should match up around the "pocket"?
  7. lesan67: The quilting looks fine in the back, but I can remember that it looked "right" in the front when I bought it too, so I must somehow have made it look weird myself, but I don't understand how.. Maybe I'll take it to a store next time I'm in a country that has one just to have it explained as I've grown to attached to it to exchange it :smile:
  8. In The Picture Where You Are Holding The Bag ~ The Quilting Looks Fine. I Believe It's Just Falling Funny. It's Such A Beautiful Bag...I Know Why You Are So Attatched!!!
  9. bagluv: Thanks, I feel a lot calmer about it now:smile: and thanks for the compliment :smile: