Help!!! Need to get the 1st Birkin but don't know how!

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  1. Hello, I am trying to get my first birkin and not really sure how it works in the store. I was trying to call and also walking in to the store and the sales had really bad atittute.

    They kept saying they don't take any order for birkin and only have "wish list" that I can put my name down. But when I asked them how it worked, they didn't explain well enough and they said no spencial order too. They just told me it will take from 12 - 24 months to get a birkin.

    I just wonder if they will send my wishlist in to Paris and make it or just get the ramdom bags sometimes and call people on the list for the specific color?

    I am so frustrated to talk to those sales, because of their terrible attitute.

    Can someone please help me to let me know how it works?

  2. Basically, you either have to walk in a store and see one displayed, if it is what you like buy it. Most of us have developed a relationship with a SA and over time tell them what we are looking for or desire. In this time period I have seen more Birkins displayed then in previous years.
  3. Not sure where you are located gojimby but best bet is to try Paris if you haven't established any relationship with a local SA. I would do that if I were you considering the experience at your local store wasn't as enjoyable as it should be, then why leave your money with them?
  4. I went to Paris last year and they said they couldn't take any order whatsoever. How do you guys build an relationship with a SA? I feel odd if I keep calling to ask if they have the birkin I want.
  5. Thanks Perlerare, I will check out that thread.
  6. the thing is hermes is known for this i have developed a relationship with several SAs world wide expanding the chances for the bags that i want but the only ones i order in with special points i buy in mexico they have the bags i like and the best attitude ever and the store well;;;; you have no idea how perfect and beautifull they are so if all else fails go for this option hope it helps birkel o and they sell over the phone so take it easy and go to all the hermes stores you will find one!
  7. I think i will jsut try to put my name down in all the Hermes store I can visit then.
  8. stores are really not taking names these days as bags show up on display all the time now.

    developing a relationship is not hard but takes time. basically you have get to know hermes for more than just the birkin. learn about the brand and the SA as a person. buying things help but you dont need to spend a fortune. its like finding the right (wo)man, if you focus less on what you want him/her to be and your idea of perfection and just enjoy life, a good one will find you.
  9. Good advice here. If you never bought anything from them and is only looking for a Birkin, then some SAs will be put off by that. They do treat customers that appreciate the brand as a whole differently than those that just want THE Birkin. Once we're travelling, we saw 3 Birkins on the shelves. They're got Not for Sale tag on them and when asked the sales people politely said it's not for sale. We bought a few items and spent some time chatting with one of the SAs about our appreciation of the brand and other Hermes products that we own/like. A few hours later we went back to that store to buy a gift that we've forgotten about and the SA this time offered us the Birkin without us asking again.

    But if you're really not interested in building a long term relationship with the SA, Paris is the best place because they'll have to most stock flow. It's unfortunate you didn't get to find a Birkin in your last visit. If you a specific about the colour you want, you'll have to order it, but they only do it certain months of the year, so you may have been there at the wrong time when they didn't let you place an order.
  10. I placed an order for a Birkin on my very first trip to H. I was also shown a few Kelly bags to buy - and I bought one of them! I live about 2 hours away and I can't go there that often.

    I think I was treated so well because I had read up on H before I went and I had a genuine interest, not only in the end result but also the construction, history etc. The SA warmed to me because of this - and I am not smartly dressed at all and went in there with 3 kids!

    If there is a Birkin on the shelf then you can buy it. Otherwise show an interest. I purchased an agenda before I was offered bags (I had planned on buying one anyway) and everything flowed from there. I have since mainly had phone contact as I can't go that often, but now they offer things according to what I ask for, and hold it till I can go.

    The SAs are quite good as picking out the "Birkin hunters" and those who are genuine. I know of people who have spent major money and not been offered a bag for a while so it also dependss on the store.

    There is a wealth of info on this forum - the Newbie guide as posted and info on certain stores (use the search facility). Hope it goes well :smile:
  11. Hi,
    I hear Monday morning in the Paris or Geneva store is a good starting point.

    But the reason the SA are so cold when asked about the Birkin is because there is more to Hermes than the bags, and thus this most probably frustrates them.
    By building a relationship with the SA start off by, purchasing small things eg: key rings, silk scarves, place mats, tableware, ash trays and towels.
    The SA will see that you love Hermes for more than the Birkin, once you have built a good relationship with the SA the Birkin will be at closer reach.
    My mother did this but on a much larger scale and when she made a purchase in LA her name came up in the database the SA asked her if she would be interested in some bags they had behind the counter.

    So I believe the 12-24 months waiting list is a facade....

  12. The unfortunate thing is that people tend to only want the BIRKIN and not buy aything else.. But hermes IS the whole package!
    U can start off slowly by buying twillys, belts, wallets and work ur way from there.
    Hope this helps! ;)
  13. Thanks everyone, those are really good tips!!!
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