Help! Need to get a Dior bag shipped from US to Asia!

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  1. Hi everyone

    I'm currently in a country where there are no Dior boutiques in Asia. I have my heart set in a Dior bag that's available in a New York store and my sister can go and pick it up. But is there a way that she can send it to me safely? Any method that's good for shipping/courier expensive goods (even though the bag is not that expensive)

    Any help will be appreciated
  2. have you purchased the bag already? if not, can consider PS dept (iphone app) and find the item you want via Kelsey :smile: can ship internationally
  3. Is that a personal shopper?
  4. I think that's what efeu is referring to.

    You can ship it insured by any reputable courier, although it will be subject to the duties/customs fees/tariffs that your country imposes on leather goods.

    You can also see if a friend is flying from New York to your country, and get your friend to transport it for you.
  5. Whenever I shop internationally, I get my items shipped through DHL. You could have your sister ship the bag and mark it as a gift to save you on customs. You can also purchase insurance for the package so your bag is safe. Technically it is a "gift" since she's sending it to you and not a store so you may not need to pay duties at all.
  6. I have also gotten packages ship through UPS express saver that shipped me my LV & Chanel overseas.