Help! Need to find perfect shoes for this outfit!

  1. hello all,

    i need some serious help finding the right kind of shoes for this outfit.

    i got this gorgeous new skirt (there is a detail attached). it is high waisted and comes a little below the knee. i plan on wearing it with a white tee and this tangerine colored little crew neck sweater.

    the look is very 50s and i love it!

    so my problem is the shoes. i would love to wear some kind of heel, either a high wedge or a high sandal. would the brown YSL tribute sandal work? or maybe CL wedges?

    does anyone have any suggestions. be as specific as possible, i would love to buy a fabulous new pair (price doesn't matter)!

    thank you for any help!:flowers:
    Photo 20.jpg
  2. great skirt!

    CL has a few designs that I feel would look good with your outfit.

    check out and see which ones grab your attention. there is honestly so many options that I don't even know where to begin.

    it might help if you give us an idea of what you normally prefer? (open toe, pointy toe, slingbacks, etc...)
  3. What colour are the wedges? Not sure about brown shoes, I would go for something paler or a shoe that came close to the colour of your sweater or the blue on the skirt.

    Lovely print on the skirt

  4. i love peep toe shoes. i am not big on the pointy toe style.

  5. Try CL Blue Rolandos or Declics - not sandals but colour looks as tho' it will match your skirt perfectly.
    Blue Rolando.jpg
  6. these are HOTT!!
  7. thanks for those blue shoes, they are gorgeous!

    i thought i would include some pictures of what the outfit reminds me of (and the whole reason i bought the skirt :smile:)

    they are from prada's latest resort collection and i found the pictures on
    Picture 1.jpg Picture 2.jpg Picture 3.jpg
  8. I'm loving that hourglass/50s vibe - sooo funky:supacool:
  9. i wish those models actually had an hourglass figure lol