HELP! Need to find diamond studs for $400- $450

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  1. Please help! My friend is looking for a pair of diamond studs- nothing more than $450. Please recommend a website/store near NYC. She wants a screwback. I found a pair on Blue Nile, but I need some other recommendations.
  2. $450 isn't going to go far at all, but here are some ideas:

    .25 carat, princess or round avail.:

    up to .40 ttw, princess cut, already set:

    .25, round, already set:

    I hate to suggest this, but maybe a chain jewelry store as well w/ her budget? I just looked and Zales and Jared and she could do a 1/2 carat or so. However, the stones may look really bad. She'd have to go in and see what they look like in person and if they would make her happy.
  3. two words—pawn shop.
  4. I know it is not a lot of money for studs, but this is what my friend requested.

    Have you had a positive experience from whiteflash?
  5. *I* have not. At all. But many others have.
  6. Tiffany has a REALLY small pair in the Diamonds by the Yard Collection for around $400, I have thought about getting them many times for an everyday very casual earring.
  7. Those are pretty- but she wants white gold and screwbacks.
  8. I can recommend a seller on ebay who provided me with studs that i bought for my younger sister. Don't be deceived by his pictures, instead look at the descriptions because his pictures are HORRIBLE. They show color to the diamonds where there is none. Any way he has great ratings and you can return the diamonds if you do not like them. The down side is that the studs are mostly used (not like it matters with diamonds anyway) and you may receive mixed backings like I did. I ordered 14K white gold and got 2 platinum but different sized backings. If this dosen't bother you then check him out.

    His user name on ebay is finerdiamond and here is a link
  9. Do you have any sites to suggest? Added note- she wants them by Saturday?
  10. OF those three I'd go Blue Nile simply because I refuse to patronize or recommend whiteflash beyond JUST their diamonds. AND you know you will have the BN by Sat
  11. My mom got these at a pawn shop for $600
    1.30 carat total weight, white gold, secure backs, sparkle like mad. My brother took the photo with his phone and it's not too good, but in real life these babies look great even next to my ACA earrings, which I wouldn't even want to begin to tell you what I (or rather hubby) paid.
    Diamond stud earrings are a staple thing they always have a pawn shops.
    What you do, go to one that has a good return policy (mine has 14 day return for any reason) and get the studs appraised in that window of time.
    Otherwise the suggestions above are good, except I wouldn't do mall stores where there's a lot of frozen spit selling at high prices.
    You can get a nice .25ctw pair in a pawn shop for under $100.

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  12. I like the Blue Nile too, but I was not sure about the cut: Would you buy a good cut solitare?
  13. I love the idea of a pawn shop, but my friend does not live that close to me. She lives about 2 hours away, and she is buying a pair of earrings to replace a pair that she lost. She wants them by Saturday. She lost an earring while getting her hair done, and she wants to replace the set.
  14. Oh, I see. Good luck.
    How terrible to lose an earring.