Help...need to find a necklace

  1. Hi everyone!

    I saw a necklace in a magazine recently - probably US weekly or something like that. It was a silver chain with a couple charms on it. One was a medallion - maybe St. Christopher or some other religious symbol? Then there was a small blue stone and something else?

    I cut the picture now I can't find it. :cry: I know I'm not giving that much info - I'm hoping that someone will know what I'm talking about.

    Any ideas who makes it. I've been searching online and am not finding anything.

  2. I don't know the exact one you mean, but it sounds like something I've seen from Me & Ro. You can see something similar at eluxury:

    Juicy Couture is also doing a bunch of mixed media type necklaces you might like. I just got this one:

    OH, and hey I just found this on from M2 design. It has a bunch of charms and a blue stone. Could this be it?
  3. It sounds like M2Designs.
  4. Sounds cute! Hope you find it! (I love the M2 Designs one)
  5. Thanks Guys! The M2 Designs is the closest to what I saw....but I also love the Me&Ro one that Jaffa my wallet likes that one a lot more too!

    Decisions, decisions :P