Help need to decide!!!

  1. Ok, I am getting my husband to the Coach store tomorrow and need to decide what he is buying me for our anniversary. Help me.
  2. #2, I prefer it in the leather but the sig is cute too! Happy anniversary
  3. I like the sig better, but the leather is beautiful!
  4. I have the first bag in black leather and in khaki sig/ebony leather. The shape/size of it works really well for me. It holds quite a bit without being too bulky. But, if I could get away with a bigger bag I'd definitely get the second one. I like that shape better than any of the others in the new Legacy collection.

    The decision about signature vs. legacy is really a personal decision and I think you need to see them in person. I got my black leather bag first but I sat there in the store for over a half hour agonizing over which one to get. My SA was so helpful! I got the signature bag last weekend and I haven't carried that one yet.

    My opinion? I'd get the second bag in leather.
  5. If this was my first Coach, I would get the Signature. If you have many Coach bags and most are Signature I would get Leather, and vice versa. But if you have an equal amount, I would say base it on your wardrobe. I feel that Signature is a bit more casual and the leather can be construed as a more dressy bag. Or if this is going to be an everyday-for-as-long-as-it-lasts type of bag, get the leather since it will probably wear a bit better than Signature (though others might disagree with me about this and everything else I wrote!!)

    I happen to like the second style better, cause I just LOVE those pockets!!

    I am having the hardest time with all of the Legacy bags, because I only do nickel hardware, so I haven't been able to buy ANYTHING!! Plus, I broke my ankle last month and am having to pay someone to walk my dogs everyday at almost $400 a month for at least 3 months so it's a darn good thing I didn't rush out and spend $500+ on a new bag...LOL!!

    Sorry, highjacked your post...but that is how I would choose. It's a very personal choice since they are both PHENOMENAL bags!
  6. Get the second one. It is a little roomier and has the cute pockets. I had the first one and returned it - not as nice in person, as in the pictures. The other one is though. Lucky gal - Nice husband!
  7. the 2nd one =]
  8. I say leather...but I have very few signature things. I don't like to "show off" the signature....the few things I have that are signature are optic - so its subtle - or patchwork so there's a ton of stuff.
  9. I have decided that he is going to buy BOTH bags and the matching wallets...and also a pair of boots and a horoscope charm. (okay, I pick the leather, but he's definitely at least getting the matching mini skinny to go with it)
  10. i like the leather, the other one just looks kinda hmm iffy, screams COACH to me. I personally like the leather,.. goodluck!! hehe i cant wait to see pictures
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