help! need to decide!!!

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Medium Horsebit Chain Hobo VS. Large Wave Hobo

  1. Medium Horsebit Chain Hobo

  2. Large Wave Hobo

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  1. Hi ladies, I'm going nuts trying to figure out which monogram hobo to purchase!!!

    I love the horsebit chain detail on gucci's hobos so it's pretty much down to..the Medium Horsebit Chain Hobo or the Large Wave Hobo.. I can't decide!!! I think that both look absolutely lovely on the shoulder, but it seems as if the Medium Chain Hobo is hard to keep on ur shoulder, and falls off easily/is uncomfortable to carry. The Wave hobo on the other hand, is so comfy and sits nice and snug on my shoulder without falling off at all!!! The Wave Hobo (shape and comfort level and all) seems most ideal to me, except for one little problem. I need my bag to have a zipper (I suppose I'm paranoid LOL). Please help me decide!! =( I want to make my decision quickly, because it seems as if the Wave Hobo is selling out fast..and hopefully if i DO decide to buy it, it won't be sold out already! What do you ladies think? Oh and one more thing...for those of you who own the Medium Horsebit Chain Hobo...does it get more slouchy/flexible as time goes on, and is it easy to carry/make it stay on ur shoulder??

    Thanks in advance :smile::smile::wlae:
  2. I voted for the wave. I have a horsebit hobo. Maybe it's just me but I find that my long hair gets caught on the horsebit detail and pulls it out of my scalp from time to time. I still wear it b/c it looks so chic and it carries a lot. As far as staying on the shoulder, it stays on for the most part but def slides down if I'm bending down or looking at something. I usually rest my hand on the strap to keep it from falling off but now I think I do that out of habit.

    HTH and keep us posted!
  3. I have long hair too..I'll have to watch out for that! Did the bag get slouchier and more comfy over time?
  4. If you like the big hobo style have you thought about the Biba? The reason I mention it is because it is on sale right now. It looks a lot like the Princy hobo but has studs. It comes in both mono and Guccissima and both styles are on sale.

    I tried it on it is super comfy and has a zipper. Since I already have 2 Princy hobo's I don't need another bag so similar.

    It is worth checking out.
  5. i like the horsebit.
  6. I love the biba as well. So beautiful! I voted for the horsebit though. I think it looks more stunning and it does get more comfortable with time. Keep us posted.
  7. thanks for voting everyone, I do not like the biba style bc I wanted a hobo with the horsebit chain detail on the strap. Both the Medium Chain Hobo and the Wave Hobo have this. I think I might be leaning towards the Medium Chain Hobo since it's a classic as well... decisions decisions..
  8. I've got the medium chainhobo and I don't have a lot of problems carrying it on my shoulder. (only if I'm picking something up from for example a little coffeetable) I push it a bit backwords like on the pic. I love the way it looks:yes:.
    the strap becomes a bit more flexible over time (I've got mine 1 year and 5 months).

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  9. hmmm, i think the horsebit hobo is classic, both for gucci, and as a shape in general. wave hobo seems more oval shaped to me. i prefer the way that the medium horsebit hobo looks. that said, i used to have the medium horsebit hobo and long hair does sometime get caught in the clamp, and sometimes it was hard to keep on my shoulder.
  10. Um, a little bit but the non-adjustable shoulder strap is really stiff which is kind of good IMO. I don't think it softens up a whole lot though.