HELP! Need to decide -- Violet GGH or Violet GSH??

  1. BNY called me today bc my Violet GGH City came in! I also have my name for the Violet GSH City but i have to decide if i want to keep the GGH or pass and get the GSH.
    Kim sent me pictures of the GGH but I dont know how to post pictures! I'm trying to upload pictures via photobucket but its not loading.
    Girls, I need your help!
  2. From what I can imagine, I think the violet and GOLD hw would look really pretty.
  3. I would like to see the pics but I think I'd prefer SGH.
  4. In order to post the picture you saved in photobucket, you click the "globe with paper clip" on the top, and paste the photobucket link which contains the picture. Quick... I want to see the photo.
  6. There Done!
  7. Let me know what you guys think! I'm sorta leaning towards the silver though.
  8. I use Adobe Photoshop to reduce the size. If you don't have this software, you could click "Go Advanced" on the bottom so to bring up more options, and click the paper clip, and paste the file path you saved the photo on your hard drive. This will have a thumbnail posted on the bottom of your message.
  9. I would say GGH. This violet is more reddish than the Eggplant City I have. I think the Gold HW and that purple are a good match. But, either way will be fine. I wish I had a lot of money so I can have them both. :drool:
  10. Here is the stock photo of SGH. The photo BalNY sent you light is kind of dark. I don't think it shows up its real color.

  11. yeah, im sticking with my original opinion even after seeing the photo--gold hw with violet is awesome!
  12. I think the GGH is too much with such a bold colour.
  13. I haven't seen either combo in real life yet. However from the photos I think that the gold somehow kills the violet colour and the silver looks better (to put this in context I adore gold on other colour leathers such as sandstone or truffle).
  14. angel, the photo you posted isnt showing up...yea i think i need to see the gold in brighter light because all the ones i've seen with the silver hardware look great, so maybe thats y im leaning towards the silver.
    initially, though, i imagined that the gold hardware will look better.

    does anyone know BNY's return policy? can i buy it now and exchange it for the silver hardware when it comes in? :confused1: