Help. Need to decide today which coach and if it auttentic.

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  1. ok here my problem I am looking at the holiday 10434 and it looks so pretty but Im not sure if it will go with a lot. Does anyone have one and if so does it a lot. In some ways it seems it would because all the colors and then in some ways it seems it won't because of the same reason. Other option is the new fall coach patch it has just all different browns and that seems to match a lot. The only other 2 purses I use are a michael kors tan bag and a louis vuiton bag because I know they go with everything. That patch is really cute.
    The other thing the patch is on eBay and she willing to sell for $300.oo n/w/t she works at Macys she said and get a discount. I questioned her on how she had so many new with tags purses to sell. she also said a lot of them were gently used. Maybe there stolen.
    The new fall patch coach is on eBay for the same price I saw it at at Macys today. So why would I buy it from eBay unless they would sell it for less. The person selling it is named youhappymehappy and I saw it on the list of people you recommend. But he wants retail. Why would they sale it retail if its at the store retail? Please help as you can see I am very comfused and need some coach experience as far as if purses match a lot of clothing. The lady at coach says they match everything cause there coach. I dont belive that. Thanks Lynda:cursing:
    Post your auction link there and someone can authenticate it for you!

    Some bags actually go for ABOVE retail if they're highly in demand and sold out in boutiques. The seller is also on the "respected" sellers list because s/he sells authentic purses, it may not be because they're offering bargains.
  3. If I were you I'd buy the one at Macy's because that way you would have a reciept and can return it if you want.