Help! Need to buy bag for MIL

  1. Ok, so my mother in law is a doll, she buys me bags all the time. She saw my MOCA Neverful and :heart: it. So I was going to go to MOCA yesterday and buy one knowing that they only had a few left, but by 2pm yesterday they had sold EVERYTHING...

    Are there any cute tote bags with bright interiors that I could get for her instead? She really loved the lining on the MOCA Neverful.

  2. Well, the next best thing to the Moca Neverfull, would be the regular Neverfull. The lining is sweet.. and you already know she likes the style.. so that might work?
  3. hmmm...i'm not sure what your budget is, but the only other bright interior that comes to mind is the red in the multicolor line. do you know if she'll fancy the ursula?
  4. Most of the damier ebene have red interiors, what about a speedy?
  5. Does it have to be LV or could it be anything? What about the regular Neverfull? Like Sparklemint mentioned, she likes the style of it and it also has a nice lining.
  6. How about a regular Neverfull and a Pomme cles?
  7. Sorry to be off the topic but you are extremely lucky to have such a wonderful MIL. How about something in the mulitcolore.
  8. Hmm, thank you for all the suggestions! I will go to the boutique and look around at these! Thanks!!!!
  9. if shes into a bright interior then may i suggest a multicolor? or you can try the damier collection too since the interior is also red.

    unfortunately, no other LV bag has an interior as bright as the Moca Neverfull...
  10. Have you considered the damier Hampstead? The red interior is very pretty, and it comes in three sizes.
  11. Maybe like someone else suggested you can buy her a regular neverfull and something cute in pomme.