HELP!!! Need Suggestions for clutch/Wallet

  1. Hi ALl,

    Need some help. I recently bought a MJ ZC to go with my new cocoa hobo - and I am not in love with it. I really want a clutch type wallet. One anywhere form 8-11 in - 4-5 in high and 1-2 in deep. I want to be able to throw it in my LARGE hobo and use it as a wallet as well as a run around purse if I want to leave my bag in the car etc.

    It needs to be like the "hobo" brand with card slits in it, would prefer a zipper top and soemthing really cute. Ideally in a mocha/chocolate leather - but other leather colors will work. Also needs not to be really stiff. Would liek gold.bradd/copper hardware if possible. I cannot be too bulky as I will be throwing it in my bag.

    HELp!!! Any suggestions? Anything out there like soem of the hobo clutches with maybe a little more pizazz?

    I will be keeping, credit cards, change, cash, id stuff a lipstick, keys and a cell phone in it.


  2. Oh, no!!! Why didn't you like the MJ ZC? I'm trolling eBay to find one of those w. silver hardware right now...

    ALong the lines of the HOBO brand "Lauren" style wallet, what about the Tano Chicklit?
  3. Its not so much that I don't like it as much as it is too small. I want to out my car keys/lip gloss and cell (small) in it. So that I can grab this out of my hobo for brief trips etc. The wallet from MJ is great as a wallet. But I think "clutch" is a bit of an overstatement as there is not much else outside of regular wallet stuff that will fit. For instance with my checkbook - it is too bulky - so it really is more of a wallet. And I need more of a wallet clutch:smile:
  4. Have you seen this Jenny Yuen clutch? Might fit what you need. Comes in a lot of colors, though not mocha (does come in a brown elephant print canvas, though).
  5. The HH one has the same dimensions as the old ZC and smaller than the new 8 inch ZC so I think would also be too small for you...........

    What about this rafe? Its bigger: 9 x 5 x 2.5 & zip top. and here's a link:

  6. This one looks great.

    Thanks guys for the suggestions....I thought I had searched all of these and yet you came up with ones that I had not seen!

    I also found this one...although I think I like the rafe more.

    the brighton sadie

    Thanks again.... Does anyone know whatthe inside of the rafe looks like?
  7. I'm eyeing the rafe clutch in bordeaux and it's on sale right now!