Help, need some speedy advice.

  1. I'm looking for an winter bag and i'm loving the damier speedy. I alreay have the 25 in mono so iwould like a thirty now. I've made some pictures of the stuff that i always carry (yess is smoke i'm really stupid) + keys that are not pictured. Sometimes i carry a bit more like a bottle of water and i might get a small umbrella (they have really cute ones at H&M right now). I put a cardbord in my 25 to prevent it from sagging because i don't really like it.

    Do you think i carry enough stuff to use a speedy 30 and would be able to prevent the sag a little? Thanks.




  2. You could also put something on the bottom to control the sag. I use an Eluxury catalog.
  3. It doesn't look you carry enough stuff for it not to sag. You might still need a catalog or cardboard at the bottom.
    How about a epi 30? the shape will stay!
  4. I don't mind to put a cardbord in it, i also have it in my 25. I just don't know if my stuff will float in the 30 or look silly
  5. If you're worried about the 30 sagging just put cardboard in the bottom. I think you have enough there to justify the 30. plus its nice to have a difference size in a different bag :smile:
    Go for it!
  6. I had a similar dilemma. I don't really carry much with me so I thought the 25 would work perfect.... Now, I still think the 25 would hold my things perfectly but when I actually was able to hold the 25 it just looked too small up against me so I ended up with the 30.

    I've had the 30 for a few days now and I do feel like my stuff is just floating around inside, but I did order myself a purseket which will hopefully help that a bit, plus I am looking for a nice piece of cardboard for the bottom. I'm also thinking about getting myself a nice day planner to take up some room as well, but the last thing I want to do is make my bag heavy.

    So, after saying all of this, I have hear that the damier speedy 30's will hold it's shape better then the Mono 30's.

    Here are some pictures of what I'm currently carrying in my Mono speedy 30.

    A cosmetic bag, small umbrella, sunglasses in the case, wallet, digital camera in it's case, keys, phone...
    IMG_1202.jpg IMG_1207.jpg
  7. To me that looks like you'd stuff a 25. I'm sure you'll enjoy the purseket, keeps things from flopping around and a little more organized.
  8. I actually think I like the look of the 30 better in Mono Canvas, I think you could make it work, and it will give you the opportunity to put more in the baf as needed...
  9. Thanks alot for posting everybody. Neptune, I doesn't look that empty to me. I used a shoe box in the bottom of my 25. I rounded the corners and duck taped them.
  10. I think that I carry less than you and I still opted for the 30. I had the 25, but I exchanged that for the 30. It is nice to have that extra room if needed because I do have 3 kids.
  11. I normally wouldn't carry that big of a cosmetic bag (the one I normally carry is much smaller) and I JUST got that umbrella from TjMaxx just so I could fill up some room in my 30.

    I'm looking forward to trying out the purseket though. I had no idea what color to get but I ended up going with the London Plaid.
  12. Which looks better the mono speedy 25 or 30? I just ordered the 30 but, everytime I see the 25 I seem to really like it more in terms of shape. Did I make the right decision going with the 30?

    Sabine do not apologize for the smokes I am sure that there are many of us of the site. It is a bad habit but, a gal needs vices and handbags!!!! I want the Daimer has well is looks so classy. I will follow the thread to see what the LV experts have to say.

    p.s. I love the touch of gucci!!!!
  13. I personally like the mono in both the 25 and 30, where I prefer the damier speedy in a 25. I know if I were to ever get a damier it would be in the speedy 25.
  14. Tnx guccci gal. I like the 25 and 30 in mono the best. I like the 30 in damier. The 25 looks a little more chique to me. You just can't escape you have to get both sizes, you can order the 25 in damier.

    here's a pic of me with the 25 when in just got it. I'm 5'6 and a size 12
  15. i think the Speedy that does not sag much are the Epi or Multicolour speedys.....i have the Epi mokka 25 and it doesnt sag as the canvas ones