Help! Need some quick advice by tomorrow...

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  1. Since the 20% off promo of J. Crew is only up to tomorrow, I'm hoping to come to a decision as to whether I should go ahead and order this peacoat. I have never tried one and so I'm not sure if I will be able to pull it off. I am only 4'11 3/4", 98 lbs, mid-40s. If ever I decide to order it, I am thinking of the heather brown. what do you think? Can petite gals look good in peacoats? I've just ordered the J. Crew Boulevard Coat but it looked weird on me so have to return it. I think the above waist seaming did not agree with me (the way babydoll tops don't). I did not consider the other lady coats as they are longer and it will just overwhelm me. Help!

    I also attached the picture of the coat that I will return. Thanks!

    P.S. How do you wear your peacoats? Are they supposed to be always buttoned up?
    J1.JPG J2.JPG j3.JPG
  2. I think petite girls can wear anything as long as it's tailored to fit them well, KWIM? If they have the coat in a small enough size I think it would be cute, but peacoats do have a tendency to look frumpy when they're big IMO.

    I'm a lot bigger than you, but I have a couple peacoats and I always wear them buttoned. I don't like the way they look on me when they're open...

    I think you should just get it and see if it fits, because it's a cute coat. You can always return it if it's too big, right? :shrugs:
  3. i agree with claire, peacoats are really cute but that is if they fit you.
    i'm 5'2 105 pounds and i can never find coats that fit me right and i've been looking for one for the past month or so
    luckily, i found a store called aritzia which apperently is only in canada and here in san jose, ca where they have xxs sizes so i would go into the store and personally try it on
  4. i always wear mine buttoned up. i am short and it makes me look weird when its unbuttoned... and it makes it harder for me to move around comfortably
  5. As long as it does not overpower you, which this won't, you are good. I like the brown a lot. I am 47, BTW.
  6. Thanks everyone! I went ahead and ordered the brown. Keeping my fingers crossed that they'll work out fine as shipping fee is quite expensive!
  7. J Crew runs big. Did you get a petite size (because they are smaller, not just shorter)?
  8. Yes I got petite XS. Strangely, the peacoat sizes don't have 0,2,4, onwards, just XS, S...
  9. I have a creme colored peacoat and I like to keep it buttoned up. that coat that you shown is gorgeous
  10. I love those coats. I'm a petite too and tried on the smallest size they had in the store, which wasn't a petite though, and it was too big on me. But I think with the petite you'll be fine.