Help! Need some opinions from young ladies regarding the Mirior Pochette.

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  1. I scored a Silver Mirior Pochette today it was the last one my LV will get.I picked it up to give to my best friends 17yr old daughter.The problem is I'm not sure she'll like it:shame: .I know she loves purses but up till now she's only carried D&B,Vera Bradley and some lower cost bags.Do you gals think this gift will be to over the top?
  2. omg. wow!! you guys must be reallllly close to each other, or just very very generous. none of my moms friends have ever given me anything even remotely as extravagant (not to say that their gifts arent good!)
    im fourteen, and i cant wait to open my miroir pochette under the tree!
    if i was her, i would be delighted
    ask her mom if she will like it...
    if not, keep it for yourself, because it is an incredible investment!
  4. She will LOVE it!! The question is how are you going to top that gift next year! LOL
  5. :smile: Guess I'll have to wait till next Christmas to figure that one out :graucho:.
  6. well, it is very shiney! (i lvoe shiney), i tihnk it will look nice for out-to-dinner type of things....
  7. Yes, it's over the top. Maybe you can get a classic like a speedy. I think it's like someone who never had NY pizza, and you take them to some super secret place you know that's not so standard instead of taking them to patsys/lombardis/diFara/Grimaldi's
  8. I am sure she will love it!
  9. YES! over the top!
  10. I'm sure she'll love it, but I think it might be a little over the top.
  11. I think she will LOVE it, but it may be too over the top. You must be really close to her to get her that!
  12. We are pretty close she refers to me as her aunt and my brother is married to her real aunt.Her mother,aunt and I grew up as kids together.
  13. Hmmm...the miroir line isn't a line for everyone, so it's very hit or miss as a gift. You might want to go with something more classic from the mono line that she can use on a more daily basis...?
  14. You are so sweet!
    Did you ask your best friend if she likes bold bags or metallic colours?
  15. Thanks for your opinions.I had a talk with her mom this morning and I've decided to surprise her with a mono lockit instead.
    She will get a bit more use out of that one in the long run.