Help need some discerning eyes!!

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  1. I would love a pair of VP's. My HG is the tortoise ones. Stalking ebay with no success (size 9). Anywho, I ordered the black VP with burgandy tip at BG but I am very impatient.

    What do you think of these two. Yey, or Nay, and do you like one better than another. I can kind of visualize the karey but the blue tiger looks more bronze and blue than black and blue. Anyone see them IRL? Can anyone give some advise? TIA

    This is the kaey one, dont know exact name, picture also from ebay.[​IMG]

    This is blue tiger from ebay
  2. I have only seen them in pictures, but I really like them. I think they have more impact than the black. Both are great shoes because sometimes you need classic, sexy black and sometimes you need the shoe to be more of the star.
  3. Personally I'm not a huge fan of this color combo... but if you love it GO FOR IT! I gravitate more to the picture on the top, but honestly these shoes look too similar to me...
  4. The top one looks better... :yes:
  5. I prefer the top one as well!
    I have not seen these IRL but I like the thought of the color changing depending on the light.
  6. I think that's the same shoe in different lighting? No? :confused1:
  7. Here's a pic of my Blue Karey VP. I :heart: them. I treat them pretty much as a black shoe, as in they go with allot of outfits that I'd normally pair with regular black patent. The blue is subtle, not OTT at all.

  8. I love them.
  9. I think they're totally cute. I wonder if you can find matching sunglasses.

  10. Phew, it's not just me! Looks like the same shoe to me too.
  11. I have these in the numero prive version, which has a bronze tip and bronze heel. I actually wore them last night to dinner and a baseball game. LOL I wore them with a black top and dark wash jeans so I agree w/ babypie that they can easily be treated as a black shoe. The blue is very subtle and more noticeable when light hits it a certain way.

    I would only buy them if you are actually going to wear them. The tortoise also came in the NP version. But, those were harder to find. The blue karey NP was available at Neiman Marcus and I bought my tortoise NP from CL Horatio.


  12. I like the top ones as well!!
  13. And, yes both photos you have posted are the SAME shoe. They are both the blue karey very prive with bronze tip.
  14. The top ones look like they have a gold tip. Mine are exactly as the top pair w/ gold tip.
  15. wow, thanks you guys, I didn't realize it was the same shoe, but it makes sense. And babypie, thanks for the modeling pics. And Ash, they look stunning, how lucky to have both. Are they a bronze heel and tip, or is it gold? Did they only come in one variety or could the ones on the bay be gold and yours bronze? Babypie, you are sure yours are gold? I think I would prefer the bronze tip better, but it just may be the way they are photographing. Hard to tell in pics.