help??? need some advice!!

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  1. I have a credit at LV for about $700. I already have a mono speedy 30, mono wallet, damier cosmetic pouch. Do I get a damier speedy 30 or an agenda and use the left over credit later. I don't want to add any money on top of the credit. :s
  2. How about a clutch? Do you ever have a need for a smaller, evening type bag?
  3. Do you really need agenda now? what about wait until something really catch your eyes. I would rather get a bag instead of get agenda and soon you will drool over a bag. You will add much more $$ toward that bag if you get agenda now.
  4. I'd say YES to the Damier Speedy!! (I'm partial to speedies) ;)
  5. if you like the damier speedy, go for it........

    the azur looks nice too.......
  6. Speedy Damier... Yummy...
  7. I'd get the damier speedy!
  8. damier or damier azur speedy :smile:
  9. ^ita!!!!!!!!!!
  10. idk if the credit expires...but don't use it jsut to get something..i would hold on until there is something your in love with
  11. Have you looked at the Damier Illovo's? I have the larger one and with the new long strap I got for it, I love it! And I have yet to see anyone carrying one of those!!
  12. I love my damier speedy, so that gets my vote!
  13. lol i'm gonna be the only one and say get an agenda. the multicolor vendredi agenda is $630, except you'd have to get paper, and that's probably another like $100.
  14. How about a Recital or wapity and something else? A scarf+something little. Shoes? Damier Navona? There´s loads of stuff you could buy with that money.
  15. wapity is another great choice, i agree with Nola

    and u can use the leftover money for small accessories like a cles to hang on ur speedy :smile: