HELP! Need Some Advice Please re White Bag

Kathy K

Feb 24, 2006
Okay, ladies, can I please get some advice? I got an unexpected bonus at work last week, and immediately set myself out to buy a great bag. I bought a Miu Miu Plesse Pleated Hobo at Neiman this weekend (see pic). My husband's reaction was that it is a lovely bag but entirely impractical because of the light color. He says I'll never be able to keep it clean.

I'm really careful with my bags, but he has me wondering if he's right. Even on sale, this bag cost quite a lot, so I don't want to keep it if it is going to be a maintenance nightmare.

So, my fellow purse addicts, what do you think of this purse? Should I keep it? If so, any ideas how to keep her clean? If not, can you suggest another bag in the $800-ish range that I could consider?




Nov 29, 2007
Love that bag! White and gold is a gorgeous combination. Congratulations on the bonus too! It's a great reason to reward yourself.

I have a white bag that I don't baby, and it keeps up quite nicely. As long as you are relatively careful and don't get into mud fights you should be fine. Forget what your husband says... whether or not he gets into impromptu mud fights have nothing to do with you.


Jul 31, 2006
Congrats on the bonus, I love unexpected little surprises like that! The bag is beautiful, and like forever21, I don't really associate seasons with bags (unless it's one of those Ugg bags or fur-lined or something) and I think you could carry this year-round. I think it's normal to expect that it will get some signs of wear over time but any bag will do that. If you're gentle I'm sure she will give you many good years...enjoy!