HELP!! need sizing advice with prada stretch patent pump

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  1. hey guys,

    i ordered this shoe from BG a few days ago...and i have to say if you're looking for a nice black shoe that is comfortable this one is AMAZING!


    here is the link to BG:

    however...i am having a bit of a problem and if anyone here has these shoes or experience with this type of shoe/leather i would really appreciate it!

    i ordered the shoe in a both 36.5 and 37. i usually wear 36.5. the 36.5 fits a lil snug...not tight but snug...while the 37 is a bit feet doesnt really slip out the in 37 but i could feel it moving around a little...and if i put a shoe padding makes it feel like the 36.5 or a tad bit now i have no idea which one to pick...the 37 is definitely more comfortable but if its a lil loose now...i dunno how big its gonna get later you guys think the 36.5 will stretch enough that it becomes comfortable?? any help is greatly appreciated...thank you!
  2. I have this shoe in regular leather and they are truly the most comfortable heels I own...I wear them when I do events and know I'll be standing for 6+ hours. Mine stretched a bit, but I don't know about the patent version. HTH!
  3. thanks again ahertz...did you go TTS or 1/2 size up? im so torn!

    btw im still looking for that perfect silver shoe! hehe
  4. i own many pairs of patent shoes...shiny, drool...and my experience is that they don't stretch that much. i'd go with the 37 and get the foot petals "killer kushionz" or "tip toes." they should give you just enough padding to make it not slip around, AND give you cushiony comfort while you work and stand all day.

    here's the footpetals website.

    here are also some of the founder's tips on wearing shoes in general...
  5. thanks randr21! i think i am going to go with 37 and put some insoles in...thank you :biggrin:!
  6. glad to be of help!
  7. I think this is a good choice. I sized down .5 size for mine because I knew the soft leather would stretch, but because they are patent I'd absolutely go TTS.
  8. i have these in regular leather..AND a suede version with a cap toe. You're totally right, they're the most comfortable shoes I own!
  9. for patent tts is good in this shoe.
  10. I have these SAME shoes.I wear them in my reg size.......if that helps.I didnt size up..they do stretch!