HelP! need SERIOUS advice on SPEEDY

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  1. hello everyone! Im new here, but wanted some serious advice! Im in college, and have wanted the classic monogram speedy since i was born (ok 9th grade) anyway, i found a website that seems to be truly legitimate to sell real LV with discount prices. i can get the speedy 25 for $250!!! :confused1: thats half the price. Please check out the website and let me know if it is legit! they seem to be real ones...advice pleaSSSSSSSSSSEE!!! THANKS:yes: Designer wallets, louis vuitton wallets, burberry scarf, fendi wallets. click on "monogram". thanks a zillion
  2. NOOOOOO! Do not go there. STAY AWAY!
  3. If you want a Speedy and don't want to pay the 600 dollars for one. Try ebay. You can find a good used one for 350 or 400 dollars.
  4. Fake. Good fakes, but fake. ELuxury is the only online business that sells genuine LV. And this etailer doesn't even USE the name LV, just calls them Monogram. Big warning bell!
  5. LV is never discounted, and Eluxury is the only official site to sell LV. Remember the saying, if it's too good to be true, then it probably is. Please save your money for the real LV.
  6. If you have any LV authenticity questions from eBay, feel free to ask in the "Authenticate This Louis Vuitton" Sticky.

    Just please stay away from that site. :sweatdrop:
  7. Oh, no! Don't go there! If you want a good quality bag that's cost-effective, you should (like what others suggested) go to eBay. There are good, reliable sellers out there. Or you can also try finding a speedy on consignment; those are usually guaranteed authentic. Just don't go to that site!
  8. NO! only online seller in Eluxury, no discounts on new LV PERIOD!
  9. they arent even good fakes because 99.9 % of the pic's on the site are off elux.

    Run from this site and use the $$ for a beautiful,gently used one off ebay.
  10. Great seller, I've bought from her before.
    100% authentic and not worries
  11. So you've bought from this website before and they're real? :confused1:
    Did you get them authenticated at LV store?
  12. Please only post authenticity questions in the Forum or sticky provided at the top of this LV Forum, thanks!
  13. Click on her link, she's not referring to the original post, she's linked you to an eBayer.
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