HELP! - need SA info of Italy/Paris MM stores

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  1. Hi Guys!

    Did a search for this topic from other threads but couldn't seem to find you have any SA info (hopefully someone as accommodating as Renato of BH boutique) from Europe, particularly in Italy and Paris? TIA! :biggrin:
  2. Sorry , have no idea
  3. Annajanina, try to pm kiki119, she had a contact at the Roma store and I think she can help you...other than that I don't think anybody has ever mentioned a particular SA from anywhere in Europe...
  4. Paris stores do not sell bags by email. I called there last summer and they do not take phone/email orders even to European countries.
  5. got it! thanks guys! :biggrin:
  6. anyone has e miumiu store email in paris? just want to enquire about a bag availability cause frien is stopping by paris this weekend! thanns