Help, Need Quick Response On Miu Miu Red Patent

  1. does Anyone Know If Miu Miu Makes A Red Patent Coffer Purse?
  2. yes they do
  3. I couldn't find a Coffer in the red patent to show you a pic just now, but here's a small clutch in red patent to give you an idea of how the leather looks. I know I've seen the red patent somewhere. I'll try to find that picture and post it here. I can tell you that the hardware is silver on the red patent Coffer. I'm pretty sure it wasn't done in gold hardware.
  4. Bluefly had one. U can find the pic in this thread "red nappa coffer vs red patent coffer". You can do a thread search on it.
  5. [​IMG]

    By the way, I was out shopping yesterday and got to fondle the frame satchel Coffer in black patent. It's so freaking soft and silky to the touch that it should be illegal. I nearly bought it and I'm normally not into patent bags.
  6. very very pretty & sexy! when you see it, don't think twice.. just go for it!
  7. Hmm, that little clutch bag at Styledrops that I posted above would rock with the Coffer! :yes:
  8. :heart: wow!