Help! Need puppy potty training help!

  1. My Chloe is 5 months old and has been doing very well with her potty training. Until recently that is.

    I have a 3 level house. When I am on the 1st floor she always goes to the door and cries when she wants to go out. GREAT. No problems there. The 3rd floor is off limits since my daughters rooms are up there.

    The 2nd floor has the living and dining room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms and my bedroom. I always kept a couple of wee wee pads on the floor in one area and she does use them. But I cant seem to get her to tell me when she has to go out when we are on the 2nd floor. And lately when she pees she has been peeing off the pads.

    I have her on a strict eating schedule and I even come home form work at lunch time to walk her. She stays on the 1st floor when I am at work. Never pees or poops there.

    When I am home at night and on weekends I walk her all the time. ALL the time. She loves her walks.

    I just cant seem to get her to let me know when we are on the 2nd floor. I try and watch her constantly for signs and then I will see pee on my floor (my HARDWOOD floor!).

    I tried taking the pads away and disinfecting the area with pet stuff so she would let me know. But NOTHING!

    Any ideas? My hardwood floors are gonna be ruined!:sad:
  2. Yikes! I wish I could help you more but my potty training is very limited as I haven't had a dog in over 10 years!!! But I would really suggest sending her out everytime she's done eating/drinking, just in case. I might be totally wrong but I think that's what we did when we had a puppy... but I was really young so I'd wait for more answers :yes:

    By the way, we want new pictures of gorgeous Chloe :yes::p
  3. Donna--I know that Petsmart puts on a free pottytraining seminar...I took Bentley to it, and it was great!

    Our instructor was a dog trainer named Jessica. I think she is usually at the Stapley/Baseline location. PM me if you want more specifics :smile:
  4. Hi Donna: I think that the key to successful housetraining is keeping the puppy contained in a smaller area until she is totally housetrained. By their nature, dogs don't want to potty where they eat and sleep. I would suggest that when you are on the second floor that you keep her in a puppy pen instead of letting her have the run of the entire second floor. Take her out to potty frequently, especially after she has eaten, had a drink, or awakened from a nap. I think that she will be far less willing to pee in her pen and will get the idea of waiting until she goes outside. When she gets the idea, you can start letting her out of the pen. I have used this method with considerable success on all of my dogs! Good luck!!:smile:
  5. My girl is REALLY shy about letting me know when it's time to go out, so I just put her on a regular schedule. Every 4 - 6 hours when I'm home we go outside. When I'm at work she's limited to living room & kitchen. She'll use her pee pads then. It's when she has too much freedom she sometimes forgets her training.
  6. I had the same problem with my Shih Tzu puppy. She would always go to the door if she was on the first floor, but wouldn't bother letting me know that she needed to go out if she was in the basement or on the second floor. We had a consultation with a behaviorist who gave some great suggestions and we have had a great turn around (with a few slip ups).

    The thing that has helped the most is giving her a treat every time that she goes outside. You have to have the treats with you because apparently their mind has moved on to other things after 3 seconds. The other thing that we did was cut off access to the spots that she was having accidents. There were certain rooms that she would repeatedly have accidents in, so we kept those doors shut. If those things don't work, the other recomendation was to tie a bell by the door and teach the dog to use it to signal when it has to go out. This can work well or can be abused by puppies that use it to manipulate you into taking them outside a bunch. Good luck! I know that the accidents and other puppy stuff can be really frustrating. We are finally seeing a big improvement. It is important to break the bad habits now or else they'll stick.