Help! Need pics or swatches of cafe and natural

  1. Hi. Do any of you have pictures of the colors "cafe" and "natural"? Any help is realllllly appreciated.;)
  2. Well here is my Cafe Day and Natural Work if it helps.:smile:
    IMG_1988%20%282%29.JPG IMG_2222 (2).JPG IMG_2230 (2).JPG
  3. Thank you for your quick response. I couldn't find the exact color of cafe on that site. Do you know that cafe is dark brown for sure? Does it have any red/burgandy tones? THANK YOU!
  4. Nanaz gorgeous bags!!!!

    I'm thinking of getting the work in cafe I think. Can you just confirm that it's dark brown with no mohagany/red/burgandy undertones?

    THANK YOU!!!
  5. LadyChloe - it is really dark Brown (almost Black without light). :yes: No mohaganyred/or burgandy undertones. Just Dark Brown. It is the best Brown in my book so far.:drool: