HELP! Need opinions! Pre-loved...Should I keep???


Apr 10, 2013
Just purchased this bag pre loved. It looked like more of a red color online and I know it does in the pics I am posting, too. However, in person, it looks more burgundy or maroon. I have been trying to find a red everyday Chanel bag forever and thought I found one when I bought this bag. Should I return this one and keep looking or keep this one? Please share with me your opinion AND your overall opinion about this bag. What do you think of the design? Color?
Need some fellow TPF members thoughts!! Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!
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Apr 6, 2007
It's a great bag but you're trying to talk yourself into keeping it. If it was the right red you would have known as soon as you opened the box. Return!
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Aug 31, 2008
You asked for opinions, and mine is against the tide so far. I love the design and the color. I can also see how it would photograph more red than it is IRL, but I think, even if that is the case, it just may be the perfect dark blue toned red lipstick color. However, full disclosure, I think many true Chanel reds are. . . well, too firehouse red; I don’t carry a red bag myself; while i do think it could be a sleeper perfect color that is also a neutral, I also am the kind of person who thinks Hermes natural barenia is a bright pop of color :biggrin:

whether or not you should return is up to you. I think that if you are asking for opinions, it doesn’t automatically mean that you should return. It could also mean you are looking for reasons to keep the bag even if it wasn’t what you originally thought.

Good luck on whatever you decide and keep us posted!
Aug 3, 2018
I have the exact same bag in brown n I also got it preloved.. n I love it!
It’s such an easy tote to use.. i like that there’s a zipper compartment n that it’s it’s fuss-free tote if I want to carry to work or even when it rains, I do not need to baby the bag.

Aug 3, 2018
I think for a tote which is bigger size compared to the classic flaps, a darker red to maroon will be more subtle.

I do love Chanel’s red too.. personally I feel that the classic red looks better in a smaller size bag, n will not be too overwhelming.
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