Help! Need opinions on this trench coat!

  1. Hey all, I need opinions on this trench! My last day to return it is this friday, and I've been on the fence about keeping it. I thought I really liked this trench when I bought it, b/c I was looking for a white one just like it. However, little things about it started to bother me. For example, in some lights the trench is not the color I want it to be, it's actually "shiny" and "satinlike." The belt is also too short to be tied and therefore the only way to keep the trench together and to make it look flattering is to actually belt it (which is LOOSE and doesn't hold up very well so it gets annoying and isn't as flattering as it would be if it would hold up tighter). I was thinking of just keeping it b/c I really like it in SOME lights.. and figured I could even try to wear other belts with it. If I can't find another trench after I return this one, then I'll just look for a completely different spring coat. Opinions please!! TIA :smile:

    P.S. don't mind the dirty mirror! and sorry if the pics of the actual coat aren't so great, I actually took these photos to show my bag. :smile:


    If I keep the coat, I would probably wear a different belt with it, as it fits better and tighter that way.
  2. I personally like the coat on you! I vote for keep!
  3. which belt came with the trench? the one in the 3rd pic? i think both belts work really well with the trench and it looks fab on you. keep!
  4. I think it looks good, but I find that when I don't love something to death, I hardly wear it. Especially if something in particular bothers me about it, like the satiny look you mentioned.
  5. ITA. I like it too and it looks wonderful on you (and your Chanel bad. lol). However, it seems like you listed more cons than pros above. I would probably return it and look for something I loved.
  6. I love it! its sooo chic! & I normally hate monochrome but in this case, I'd say the black belt really, relaly sets it off with your chanel (which has just made me drool onto my keyboard!)

    keep it! its fabulous! honestly!
  7. I think it looks great on you! I love it with both belts too! However, it doesn't seem like you are really that nuts about it, so I think you should look around some more.
  8. agreed!
  9. I like it. keep!
  10. I think it looks great on you.
  11. I think it looks fab on you.

    But i know what you mean about the satin material.... i'd return and get it in the material that you want!
  12. I love trench's. this one looks chic on you. I say keep!!
  13. I think the trench coat looks great but I see what you mean about the shiny look in the last picture. If you don't love it return it because there are tons of trench coats out there right now. It's their season.
  14. aww thanks for everyone's responses!! :heart::yes: I agree I like the coat in the pics too...but I just tried it on again I have to say..that I just don't think I'll wear it much. Better return it and find one I love! Thank you for helping me decide!!
  15. I love it, you look stunning. the bag sure is gorgeous and looks great with the trench.