HELP! Need opinions on this Coach bag that I buying for my sister in the Army, and...


    You can ask me about Rebecca Minkoff, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Bulga, Kale, even....Botkier, and I could tell you a bunch of stuff ranging from authenticity, leather quality and more, but Coach, I know NADA about! Authenticity, cool styles, whatever..I know nothing!

    I havent bought my sister a Christmas gift yet, and she very much likes Coach. She is a Lieutenant in the US Army and I would like to buy her something that is cute, VERY functional, can be worn in the day and night, and is not too flashy, but is of high quality.
    Also, she likes smaller type bags.

    I saw this bag...please tell me your thoughts (authenticity, style, cuteness factor..etc), I would really appreciate it!
    bc70_1.JPG be12_1.JPG
  2. Hi Gung!

    Yes, you are the RM :queen:.

    This is authentic. It's the 2006 Legacy Shoulder Bag in Whiskey. It's one of the more popular bags and colors and until about two weeks ago, was hard to find.

    It retailed for $398, and was just at the outlets for about $160-ish (I think). I found one a while back at the outlet for that price, and bought another one off e-bay for the price this one is listed. It's a great bag as many here will confirm.

    You can try calling a local Coach outlet near you to see if they still have one, but since they were very popular, they likely flew off the shelves (and into the hands of many here, huh ladies?!:nuts::graucho:).

    I say grab it - it's a great bag and a pretty good price. Especially for the service that your sister is doing for us all! :flowers:(we're not worthy....we're not worthy!).
  3. This is a fabulous bag choice! I agree that you should check your nearby outlet first! But that price isn't so bad either! That's wonderful of you to get her such a great gift! She truly deserves it!
  4. awesome bag...get it for her shes worth it!!!
  5. I think that would be perfect!!! Please tell her thank you for everything she is doing for every single one of us!!! :flowers:

    And that goes for you too, Candace :smile: :flowers:
  6. :cry: You're too kind.

  7. Hey Candace! She just got back from her tour in South Korea, and will be headed to the 101st Airborne in Kentucky, and then presumably to Afghanistan. Where are you stationed at?:yes:
  8. ^Looks good to me! :yes:
  9. Yes, it looks authentic!
  10. That's a great price on the handbag...most leathers aren't faked too.

    My DH was stationed in Germany, I work full time for the Oregon National Guard :smile: One of my best buddies was stationed at Ft Campbell! Tell her to have fun and good luck overseas! We're headed to the Iraq soon ourselves!
  11. Great choice for your sister, and yes it looks authentic! She's going to love it!