Help! Need opinions on this Chloe!

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  1. I haven't seen this IRL, but I hope you got it at that price! That's a great deal, and looks like a very versatile bag.
  2. Yeah, the price is very appealing. .. i just hope it is not as soft and thin as i heard.
  3. Hi Kiwii,
    I just bought it ,, and just sent it back the day i got it!
    Very soft leather, but the handles were not sewn together evenly , so the leather strap didn't lay evenly.
    It was made in Romania, not Italy. There also were no pockets outside.
    It's a really cute bag, but it is missing the quality of the Ediths and Paddingtons.
    So I ended up ordering a white paddy from Aloha rag, which cost soooo much more.
    Hopefully you will like it.:yes:
  4. I just sent back the large brown, took it out of the box and it was hugh, and I carry large bags, but this was a big tote. The bag was very nice, the leather seemed lighter than other Chloe's, but I think that's the nature of the bag. Hope you like it. I think the white small is a much nicer size.
  5. thanks for your opinions, guys. i cancelled the order just now, soft bag doesn't work for me. hurry, anyone wants it get it.