HELP - Need opinions on Soho Multi-Function Tote

  1. So I need to get a new bag for carrying my laptop, lunch, etc. for school and I've been obsessing over the multi-function tote:

    Does anyone have this and use it as a work/school bag? I like this style better than say, a large Carly, but I'm wondering if it's as functional as it looks? Any thoughts?
  2. this bag is REALLY roomy! however, i find that it gets really heavy, as a lot of coach bags tend to do - make sure you're okay with that!
  3. Thanks Jenn...yeah I'm going to take all of my stuff with me and go look at one today and see how heavy it is....eeek I'm so excited :yahoo:, this will be my second major Coach purchase. I already have a duffle (and several wristlets and a mini skinny:smile: