Help!!! Need opinions on my first boy purchase...

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  1. Hi,

    Can you please let me know what you think of this boy? It would be my first boy purchase and I wanted something unique. It's black lambskin with red crystals... I keep going back and forth on this one... I really wanted that black blingy boy from a few seasons ago with the metallic glass beading, but I can't find it anywhere...


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  2. Here's a modeling shot...

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  3. I like the modeling shot better than the pic of just the looks great on you :smile:

    If you've been looking for a blingy bag and like this one, I say go for it :smile:
  4. Not a big fan! I think you can find better :smile: maybe a blingy boy will come your way later.
  5. Sounds like maybe you are not in love with it. I would wait for what you really want.
  6. Unique
    Love the details
  7. I like boy bags that are more edgy and cool. IMO this one is "almost there" but not quite ... I thought the strass/blingy one that you were referring to did a better job with that. I also wonder how this style would fare over time, as in whether it would feel dated or you feel tire of it. I usually obsess over the bags that I know I love the details so much that I would not tire of over time, do you feel that you love this style / would feel excited to pull it out of the dust bag constantly and feel committed after the initial novelty factor wear off?

    It doesn't sound like you are in love with it either but eager to check the boy bag off your collection list.

    Perhaps because I am not really a boy bag fan, and only got my boy bag because that mermaid bag just seriously hit all the right notes for I absolutely love and must have it, it's my first and only boy bag still so far.

    Chanel comes out with a lot of very unique boy bogs season after season.

    If you're not in love with this one, perhaps wait to get the special one that you absolutely love to commemorate the special 1st boy bog place in your collection. Think about how much more rewarding that experience would be!

    **I just realized that reading some of the comments on this forum, they really look like dating advice** :lolots:

  8. It looks great on you and I love the interesting details...If you LOVE it then go for it but if you just like it then wait a week and see how you feel :smile:
  9. Thanks everyone! You really helped me! I went to bed obsessing over this because tomorrow is the last day of Neiman Marcus triple points. But your advice was really spot on! I am not really "in love" with it and probably would regret it once the novelty wears off. I should just try to be patient and wait for "the one"... You guys are the best!
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  10. Yes, you should wait if you don't love it. I'm not crazy about this Boy either, to be honest...
  11. I think you should wait. While I do love the boy style but I'm not too fond of this design. Keep us posted when you do find your boy :smile:

  12. I agree! Wait till you find the one that makes your heart flutter.
  13. I kind of like it. The red details are awesome. But if you're wavering, then you should wait. After all it is quite an expensive purchase.
  14. i don't like it
  15. +1