Help! Need Opinion On This Compact (pic)...

  1. My daughters birthday is coming up (she will be 14!!!) and I want to get her something cute. I took her to Saks one day just to ask her if there was anything that looked "interesting" and she eyed this compact. But Im not sure if its tacky or cute. If she thinks its cute I know she will love it for a long time but if she thinks its tacky well...Its would cost me 95$ USA so I need opinions. :smile: Heres a pic!

    Yes or no for a teenager?
  2. I guess it depends on the teenager, but I think it is very cute!
  3. Cute for a teenager!
  4. Lol it wouldnt be good for some! Her favorite colors ARE pink and yellow and shes been been whining about her lack of a compact (apparently all of her friends have one).
  5. I think it's perect and will be something she will have for years, it's lovely!
  6. I think its cute. Is this estee lauder? I've seen it somewhere. I think its age appropriate and she'll always have it. I still have my peace sign earrings from when I was 14 and got my ears pierced.
  7. I think its v pretty!
  8. Its really cute.
    I'm not a teenager and I would get one :p
  9. Hmmm too bright for me but cute for a teenager i suppose... what kind of compacts do teenagers carry? you might want to look into that and see if this would be considered cool... estee lauder might not be cool to teens.. LOL
  10. Its cute but it kind of gives me a headache...I'm also 14.
  11. I like it. I think, too, that over the years she might want to collect more of Estee Lauder's compacts -- they're gorgeous and collectable. If it helps any -- I'm in my thirties -- I wouldn't get it for me because I think I'm too old for it -- so 14 would probably be good, IMO.
  12. Super cute, and perfect for a 14-year-old girl... I'd have DIED for a gift like that when I was 14... :yes:
  13. I would've sooo bought it when I was 14. I had a thing for all things peace and love.
  14. Thanks for all the help ladies! I bought it for her two hours ago. Cant wait to see her face!!!