HELP - need opinion on daytime wedding purse

  1. I picked up these two this week, I have a daytime wedding this Saturday...I'm wearing a casual black dress with silver belt and accessories....Which one do you think, either the Gucci silver metallic long wallet (used as a clutch) or this metallic Fendi bag (smaller than it looks in the photos). Thanks!!!!
    DSC01514.JPG DSC01512.JPG
  2. I like the Fendi bag, very classy and will look extremely chic! You will be the envy of many there.
  3. Fendi!!
  4. i vote for fendi as well. You can put your camera + extras in it.
  5. oooohhh.... i LOVE the gucci, but i agree with the others... the fendi is more practical and will hold more:yes:
  6. Can't go wrong with either so go with your heart!
  7. The clutch is more elegant and stylish. The Fendi, while lovely, looks sporty and chunky.
  8. Gucci
  9. Put on your outfit in front of the mirror and keep swapping bags until you know which one you want to take!!! If you're not having to carry much my gut feeling would be go for the clutch.
  10. I'd go for the clutch if I could if I didn't have too much to carry as I think it is t.d.f! However, the fendi is beautiful too and probably more practical to fit all the usual gubbins you need to take to a wedding in
  11. Love the Fendi bag ... beautiful and practical! The Gucci is pretty but too small for me ... I always end up carrying more than I intended to.
  12. I vote for the clutch.
  13. Can you post pics of you wearing your outfit with both bags? So far I'd go with the Fendi, it holds more and you have your hands free!
  14. I'd go with the long wallet
  15. that clutch is beautiful - I'd go with the gucci. If the other bag is so small (the fendi) that it can't fit over your shoulder, what's the point?