HELP: Need opinion on Alexander McQueen Novak Bag

  1. I found an Alexander McQueen Novak bag (brown) for $550, there are several scratches on the bag. Would you still buy it? Pls see photos attached.

    Any opinion is appreciated. :smile:
  2. the scratches dont look that bad to me and you might be able to make them less obvious with some wax. its a bargain. i love the novak
  3. Can they be buffed out? Is the price fantastic for the bag? Do you love it and can only get it in this condition or not at all? If any of the answers are yes, then get it!!!
  4. is this new (display) or used (previously owned)?
  5. It is actually the bag from LVR - I already ordered and then I received an email telling me that there are scratches on the bag and if I still want it.
  6. Pretty bag.I have seen some very scratched mulberry bags before and been told with the right lotion the scratches disappear.There is a thread here, somewhere, that addresses this. It is worth a try if you really love the bag.
  7. The Novaks I've seen on display look terrible - all scratched up. I love the style but didn't get one for that reason.
  8. They do scratch very easy. Its nothing that is not going to happen if you get an unscratched one. The price is great. Go for it.
  9. Buy it or I will ;)
  10. I bought it ladies. Thank you so much! I was hoping they would knock off a few euros from the price but no luck. They did however offer me free shipping! :p
  11. Congratulations and enjoy it! Now for the hardest part: waiting for it to be delivered.....