Help - Need More Infos On This Bag :-)

  1. hi ladies and gents,

    just saw this bag in the current issue of the UK vogue and was wondering if anyone have more infos like price, size, when it will be in the store ecc.

    maybe i'm wrong but i also think that some of you already has this bag but i couldn't find the thread. :shrugs:

    thanks for any help! :flowers:
    lv 2.JPG
  2. oooh i know im not talking about the bag but i love her top and pants...sooo cool:smile:
  3. the bag is 1200 euro in France.
    Dimensions are 39 cm x 39 cm x 11 cm

    I've got this from and than take France and go to E-shopping and then the homme section!
  4. hi this bag is on vuitton website already in the gent section. the bag is called cabas vail blanket. in the uk it costs £905.
  5. It is the new Cabas vail blanket from the Winnter '06 line. It comes it red and black and grey and black.
  6. thanks so much for your help! :heart: