Help! Need LV experts' advice on which bag!

  1. I hope I'm not bugging w/ all these questions but here it goes:

    Long story short, I purchased the BH a couple days ago to use as an everyday bag/diaper bag (due in Sept:yahoo:). However when I tried carrying all my baby stuff in there, it wouldn't all fit and that's not even including my personal items!

    Anyway I'm thinking the Saleya MM would be bigger and a better choice to fit all my things. I'm wondering if the rolled straps would get uncomfortable after awhile (I usually don't mind them on my other bags)?

    Also, you think overall it's a comfortable bag to carry throughout the bag?

    I might exchange my BH for another bag and get the BH later on. I know I just HAVE to get one later b/c it's so darn handy and cute!!! :heart:

    Sorry for the long post but I'm just a confused and emotional mommy-to-be who wants to make sure all her ducks are in a row. :crybaby::confused1:
  2. What are you carrying for baby needs?
    I have this bag and its large.
  3. I agree, this is a pretty big bag. I remember a recent post though before you bought the bag and another member said that the BH did not work for her baby needs, since I don't have kids I cannot advise on this directly, but I use mine for school and it holds a lot and is very comfortable.
  4. ^^ I recall that too. Not sure what its not fitting. I have more then enough room to put 3-4 diapers and 2-3 bottles and a change of clothes.

    Not understanding the issue, but everyone has a preference.
  5. This is what I put in the bag: 2 changes of clothes, one pair of socks, changing pad, a travel case that encloses 2-3 diapers and the plastic travel wipe case. No bottles since I'm nursing. But I fit my wallet in there barely and there isn't enough room for a cosmetic bag?!:confused1: I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or what but there's hardly any room for the misc creams, etc a baby would need. I've tried this 3x already w/ different clothes, etc and even had a friend try and she couldn't get all my stuff to fit in there..??

    I feel so blah:confused1:
  6. How about the diaper bag they have or a Neverfull GM should be big enough.
  7. IMO a Cabas Mezzo would make a great diaper bag- it's roomy and comfortable on the shoulder :yes:
  8. What about a Neverfull GM.
  9. Sorry, should have mentioned this before:shame: but not a fan of the mezzo (vachetta bottom), the mini lin diaper bag was too bulky for me and not really a fan of the Neverfulls. Eek! I know, I'm being difficult! Maybe I'll just try to make it work and slim it down..maybe it just needs to be worn in.:confused1:
  10. What about an Antigua Cabas MM? :shrugs: