Help: need Insolite Coin Purse replacement!

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  1. D87A5076-DDB5-44A8-9DE7-ED810791856E.jpeg
    So I have an insolite coin purse that’s 9-11 years old. It’s been my only wallet in all that time. It’s time for a new wallet. I LOVE my Insolite and would get it again if it were an option. It’s not. As you can see it holds 5 cards (I don’t double up) has two “secret” slots for extra cards and has a zipper pocket for coins.

    I would like a bill slot in my wallet and am willing to give up a coin purse to do it. I definitely want something as small as possible. That said I need at least 5 card slots. These are the wallets I came up with.

    Do you have any suggestions or thoughts or if I should definitely exclude one of these? Which wallet would you get to replace the Insolite coin purse.
  2. Zoe wallet
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  3. Oh I did see that one. But from what I can see it only holds 2-4 cards but I need to be able to hold at least 5 as I don’t double stack them. :sad:
  4. I would def suggest the Victorine wallet.
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  5. I have an Empreinte Zoë. It can carry five cards in their own slots, four inside and one outside, along with a few coins in the slot and bills separately. Four months in the leather is still a bit stiff so taking out an inside card can be a bit tricky, but on a regular day I'm only carrying a licence, credit card and commuting pass anyway. It suits my needs perfectly as I am not a fan of big purses but it would definitely be easier if the leather softened or loosened up a bit more. When I was purchasing I thought the Victorine was the purse I wanted but in person I preferred the compactness of the Zoë. The Victorine can hold about 8 cards separately if I'm not mistaken. By the way, when I carry coins in the Zoë I really can only fit maybe 3 or so €2 coins and 3 or so 50c coins. Not many at all otherwise the shape is totally distorted.
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  6. Another vote for empreinte zoe! I'm going to Europe next month so plan to pick it up then. I also have the insolite coin purse and have recently fallen back in love with it. That said, it's a little big for some of my smaller bags and I wanted a wallet that could hold cash without folding which is why i decided to pick up the zoe. The victorine is also good if you want a bit more room/card slots. Good luck deciding!
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