Help! Need info on this vintage Burberry bag

  1. Hi there - I'm new to this forum so thanks in advance for helping me out!

    I'm looking for more info on this BURBERRY bag that my sister is letting go - she bought it a long time ago in Hong Kong...

    Can anyone tell me the following:
    a) does this have a name?
    b) is it collectible? I'm thinking it is because this was when Burberry was still "Burberrys" with the "S" - see picture

    c) what is the name of the pattern?
    d) anything else??

    Thank you!
    IMG_8472a.jpg IMG_8471a.jpg
  2. Welcome to the Purse Forum!

    Please post pics of the interior and any tags inside.
  3. Thanks Addy! Here are all the pix , let me know if the quality's not good enough. There are no tags that came with the bag.

    The inside label has a bit of discoloration on it, may well be because of the humidity in Hong Kong since my sister only used this bag once.
    IMG_8488a.jpg IMG_8492b.jpg IMG_8472a.jpg IMG_8471a.jpg
  4. Yes, need closeup pics of interior tag and exterior patch

    Any materials or MADE IN... tags inside?
  5. Another picture of the "hardware"...
  6. Alas my camera is not doing its job on the close-ups. I've asked my BF for his camera and will upload better close-ups of the interior tag and exterior patch in a couple of hours. The gold interior tag says, in 3 rows, "Burberrys London Made In Italy."
  7. OK - here are better pictures with close-ups of the interior and exterior tags and hardware:

    Thanks Everyone for taking a look at the pictures in this thread to help me get some info on this handbag!
    IMG_4140a.jpg IMG_4141a.jpg PICT0010a.jpg
  8. pix
    IMG_8500a.jpg IMG_8511a.jpg IMG_8512a.jpg IMG_8513a.jpg
  9. Addy - do you think this might be a fake?? I've been staring at this bag too much now for the pix, and now I'm beginning to think that it's not the real mccoy... :sad:
  10. The interior tag and exterior patch, zipper pulls, rivets, and leather look off to me

    Give me a bit and I'll see if I can post some pics for you to compare...
  11. this bag looks fake to seems that they wanted to give it a vintage look, but alignment is off, so is the hardware
  12. Yea, this bag looks new to me and I have not seen a Burberry like this one before. Sorry!
  13. Thanks everyone for your comments, even though it seems that the bag is fake. :sad: Addy - I'll keep checking back for those pics you have - thanks again for responding!
  14. this purse isnt real doll. at first glance i thought it was real cuz my ventage burberry has alot of the same features yours has. the raider is the same. the leather emblem on it. except my burberry plaid is perfect. it looks the same through out the purse. the only thing that made me doubt the purse was the fact that i says "burberrys" insted of burberry. but I was told that the vintage purses have an "s" on the end and its only later did burberry decided to drop the "s"