Help!!!! Need Info On Fake Bags!!!

  1. I am starting a persuasive letter at school against fake bags, and i was wondering if you could help. Any info will be helpful :flowers:
  2. A good way to start would be to research some counterfeit handbag sites on the internet. :yes:
  3. Because this is a subject that can touch on very strong beliefs, just as you would with any school assignment that does that, it is always a good idea to keep in mind the attitudes, opinions, and beliefs of your audience, and in school, the most important audience is your teacher! :smile:
  4. Wow! What a coincidence! I am writing a persuasive essay about counterfeit products for my persuasive writing class. Here's a great resource: The International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition.
    I highly recommend you download their "Facts on Fakes" article. You can find it on their "resources" page. Good luck!
  5. Amen!
  6. wow! that's one good school!! Well, you can stress out some topics like how to know if the handbag is counterfeit or not and what the government should do to stop this crisis.
  7. hi! wow what a nice initiative, where are you from
  8. Carly is my daughter, they were asked to pick their own topic. I suggested this topic and she loved the idea. She has quite a collection and is asked constantly at school if her stuff is fake. :smile:
  9. Carly, best idea for a school project EVER!!!!! My only suggestion is to address both sides. Maybe try interviewing some people that know their bag is fake and are (gasp) proud of it, find out their reasons why they bought it, where they got it (dangerous conditions maybe?), will they keep buying (implications on what the supports outside of just cheaper "fashion"), and if any of them know what "buying knock-offs" does to the economy and society at large.
  10. a fabulous resource someone here recommended to me is They have a lot of information on the conditions under which fakes are made, where the money goes, etc. I learned a lot by reading the site. I didn't like fakes to begin with, that made me hate them.
  11. THANKS for all the good advice... i will definately be checking out those websites
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