Help! Need info on Chanel totes

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  1. Ladies, I need help. I've decided that I want to buy a tote but have gotten so confused with the varying styles! I want:
    structured bag (GST? Medallion?)
    as large as I can get (how large do they come?)
    shoulder strap
    brown, beige or white (gold h/w/?)

    Would someone give me details on sizes and prices --with all these increases I can't keep up --? I'm off to Vegas this weekend and thought I'd stop in the boutiques and see what's available.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. How about a cerf in the large size with the small CCs on the front? I believe it's 14 inches across (give or take an inch), structured, and comes with a removable shoulder strap! You can even carry it over your shoulder without the strap. Sounds perfect for what you are looking for. Plus, it's freakin HOT. Best Chanel bag, IMO. It comes in chocolate brown, black, beige, and white with either gold or silver hardware. I personally love the gold hardware. I think it retails for $1895 now or was it $1850?

    Hope this helps!
  3. The GST fits all of those requirements. There isn't an extra shoulder strap but there are shoulder comfort pads on the chain straps so they don't dig into your shoulder. It has a large center zipped compartment and two large open compartments, inside pockets, and a pocket on the outside (back of bag) that can hold keys or a lipstick/gloss.

    The black GST comes with either gold or silver h/w; the beige has gold h/w; the white has silver h/w.
  4. How about going to the reference library for the sizes, prices, weight, etc. etc.? In that case, you will be confused what to pick because there's too many choices. LOL.
  5. Ladies - thank you! Now I'm gonna check out cerf totes and GST! At least I can ask for a few names instead of saying 'showing me every large tote Chanel has!'

    Iqaganda - I did check out the reference library and that's when I got really confused! Too many lines,too many totes!

    Thanks much!
  6. Regina, do you like patent? The patent Luxury tote in the large size is absolutely gorgeous! It is super roomy, roomier than the GST. Chanel does patent in a crackled texture so it doesn't show fingerprints. If you want a large tote, this is it!