Help! Need ideas for my next 'big' purchase ...

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  1. going back to nyc to visit some family/friends in may.

    these are some of the things I am considering ...
    - prada saffiano bag
    - maxmara camel coat
    - goyard tote
    - chanel jumbo flap bag (depending how much i save lol)

    What do you guys think? And what are you planning for YOUR next purchase?
  2. I'm all purchased out for now. Last week I got a pre loved Chanel jumbo and Chanel reissue 227. So I'm pretty short on funds. But there's a pair of sandals on ebay I seriously want. They are $200 and I'm pending $35 in ebay bucks due on 4/1. So if they are still for sale by then I'm gonna go for it!
    BTW a jumbo is the best bag I've bought in a very long time! And I'm a first time owner. :smile:
  3. Chanel jumbo flap it's a classic! Givenchy Pandora or Nightingale or possibly a PS1....
  4. I'd go with the camel coat if you live somewhere that it's chilly so that you can wear it a lot. It'll show off any handbag you carry!
  5. depends how many bags you own, and how many coats you own; if you have enough bags, I would opt for a coat because you'll wear it everyday in the winter.
  6. I would go for the chanel classic can wear it in any season :smile:
  7. For the coat, you could try the Max Mara outlet at Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets. They usually have great prices, and maybe you would have enough left over for one of your bags!
  8. I adore my Prada saffiano bag and I think you should get one too. You won't regret it!

    But with Chanel increasing their prices so often, maybe you should consider buying the flap as well.
  9. The Chanel or the coat. I couldn't pick just one...
  10. The chanel! Buy them before the price increase
  11. I just don't get the whole Chanel thing-the bags aren't any different from year to year, and yet their prices climb. I can't see spending more money every year for the same flap bag...only it's gone up higher in price. JMHO...

  12. I totally agree. I think they're fine, but I'd rather have different and new styles by a variety of designers for far less money.
  13. I say go with Prada. The leather is great!
  14. If you want one item then go for a Chanel flap but..... If you pass on the flap, you can get all the others... Just sayin' :smile:
  15. anyone know how much the black jumbo flap will cost? I was guessing around 5000.
    and is there a waitlist for it? or can i just walk into the chanel on fifth ave in NYC and buy it?
    Thanks for all the advice! you guys area amazing!