Help: need ideas for December Florida trip/party!

  1. Hey girls (and guys!)

    I'm so excited! I'm going to Florida in December (Ft. Lauderdale area) for BF's Mom's 70th b-day. The party is at a relative's house and it's going to be so fun celebrating and getting out of the rainy/cold Seattle weather for a few days.

    Here's the problem: I need ideas for a few outfits to wear that are appropriate for Florida December weather, fun for a dressy-casual type party, and sophisticated for me (I'm 39 and super pale, so nothing too trendy/too skimpy or too short.)

    I've posted a few pix of styles I like - I like neutrals and cool colors and don't like things too low cut. I'm not asking about these outfits per se, but am hoping a few of you are inspired to suggest something along these lines that would rock the house! Once I find an outfit, shoes and bag are next!







  2. Hi Pursegrrl, may I ask what your budget is?
  3. All stores are selling wrap dresses now. Get a couple in various colors, and some camisoles to wear underneath. They are easy to pack, look great, and can even be worn over leggings!! Good luck, and have a great time here in Florida.
  4. PS
    Just remember to pack for warmer weather. It's tempting to pack for the weather around you, but just remember that less is more when going to FL!
  5. whoops, good question! I'd like to keep clothes under $600, so I can use more on shoes, bag and jewelry. TIA!
  6. Thanks so much! Yeah, those wrap dresses really caught my eye and would be easy to pack! I haven't been to Florida in over 6 years and even then it was just a quick stopover to get on a cruise. I'll pack a light sweater so I don't get cold on the plane, but after that I am looking forward to sun! :yahoo:
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  8. Hey there, pursegrrl! I saw a couple of things that would vary on the level of conservatism that you'd like to show (since it is her 70th birthday). Here are some things I saw on Neiman's website:
    These three are a little more conservative, but cute

    And these outfits are a little more youthful and cute:

    And this one I threw in because I love it haha:

  9. Thank you so much! I'll comb through the NM site a little more could I have missed these! I would die for any of these outfits. :flowers:
  10. Haha no problem! They're all in the "Casual" section. The first two in dresses (obviously) and the rest in skirts, but I think they list they tops also.
  11. ^^ Thanks again! I see that last outfit is an M Missoni...delicious! I have a few tank tops in this line.

    You knocked it out of the ballpark. Thanks for all the great ideas! My NM card and I thank you! :biggrin:

    I think the first two dresses are a definite yes, and the M Missoni sleeveless turtleneck for sure. I wonder how this will fare in Florida in December - ?

    I'm picturing any of these with my chloe paddy clutch, LV pochettes or maybe a small Fendi bag. OH, the decisions!
  12. I'd recomend bringing a light cardigan or maybe a cashmere pashmina in case it's a little chilly down there.