Help!!! Need ideas for a presentation!

  1. Ladies, I have to give a 20 minute powerpoint presentation in my Women's Health class on October 3rd. I can do this over any topic relating to women. I want to do something that everyone will be interested in and that will also be fun for me to research. Any suggestions? What is something that you would want to listen to?
  2. I would do something that isn't as common if other people have the same assignment, like since menopause would be a big one, I wouldn't pick that one. One that would be of interest to me is endometriosis, it's interesting to learn about how it affects the body and causes the pain that it does and the symptoms, because it does seem to be a bit underdiagnosed sometimes. Pregnancy, if that counts, would also be interesting, but it is one of those obviously common ones. How about PCOS and its effects on fertlity? Another is effects of birth control on our bodies. Another one that I discovered recently and found interesting is intersitial cystitis, which is a urologic problem but occurs more often in women rather than men. There are a lot of good ones out there! Good luck!
  3. Thank you for the ideas. I will start on it this weekend so if anyone else wants to throw anymore ideas out there I appreciate it!!!
  4. Talk about the changes in women's health issues over the last say, 50 years. Used to be that women did not have heart disease, now they do. Or how women's depression and drug and alcohol use is under reported, cause they tend to hide it well.