Help!! Need ideas and suggestion. What product do you suggest?


May 12, 2011
So I need a product for these following functions. It can be a preloved or new, current or discontinued item, please think outside of the box as I don't expect this will fall into any one product category.

- Holds a pen (silver sharply)
- holds small pieces of paper (I write notes on black paper with the silver sharply. Paper is about 3"x4")
- could hold a few note cards and envelopes (about 5"x3.5")
- is slim in design so it will fit amongst other things in my sac plat
- credit card slots would be nice but not necessary.

I really hope you guys and gals can help. Any suggestions are appreciated. Again think outside the box !!! Many atypical uses for typical LV pieces. Also pics and names and links to items tare always helpful !!! Thanks!!!