HELP! Need help deciding!!

  1. Hi! I am having trouble making a decision! I currently have a black paddy and black python silverado. I have to choose between a chocolate paddy (full price) & a tan paddy (that I bought on sale at NAP).

    I think the chocolate is BEAUTIFUL... but the tan is a bit more different from the black, and I thought better than the chocolate for spring / summer! But I love them both. I don't think I can keep both though.

    What do you think!!!?
  2. I think tan and chocolate are both different enough from black so keep the one you love more ( sounds to me it's chocolate but I'm just guessing?) :rolleyes:
  3. If it were me, i'd go for tan, just so you have something totally different to your black bags.

    Black and brown could almost be from the same family, in that they are totally neutral colours and will go with everything.

    Tan will go with anything too, but in a different way - and tan is great for the (upcoming) summer and lighter outfits.;)
  4. Hi!

    If it were me, I'd check out my entire wardrobe against the bags and see which I would use more often. For me it would be the chocolate.

    Just visually think of all your outfits and then which bag would you wear with each one... hope this helps!
  5. well I guess if you like them both you could keep the tan at sale price and save up an extra couple of months and get another one later - as its such a good deal to pass up on
  6. Thanks for your replies!! Maybe I will return both and get the argent instead!! That's different from everything!
  7. Hee hee - like that you are now adding in extra options!

    Good luck on whatever you decide
  8. No matter which you choose, you can't go wrong!!

    They are all soo lovely!!
  9. oooh its a tough decision. I adore the colour of tan, and its a good price, but I have never had a tan thats been a great leather.

    I would opt for chocolate, even at full price, I think it would be totalloy sumptious :smile:
  10. The only other thing that I failed to mention about the tan is that the lock and the hook that it attaches to on the bag are different colors! Do you remember the other post that this happened to someone else? I don't think that I received her returned bag, as I bought mine from US NAP and I think hers was from International NAP, so that has been bugging me a bit. My husband says that I will never make up my mind, and that I just enjoy having lots of options and looking at all of the new bags with tags sitting in my closet!!

    I just boxed up the tan bag to return to NAP. It is a great price, but I guess in the end, I would rather pay full price for a bag that starts out perfect, than a bag that has something odd about it.

    I like the chocolate, but there are many colors I like. I know that NAP is getting paddys in the mousse color in Feb... that seems like a well liked color as well.
  11. Very difficult decision.... I think you should have a black, a dark brown and a tan purse in you're collection... ;) If you REALLY could only get one take the tan - it's more different from the black one and - I tan purses are the most beautiful in the world...;)