HELP! Need Hampstead info!

  1. So I called 866, they never heard of Hampstead, they don't know what I'm talking about and don't know if any new lines are going to be introduced in Azur. So, I have to know, will hampstead be offered in Azur? Also, from the posts, I gather that Hampstead is a shoulder bag similar to the Batignolles Horizontal, right or wrong? If it's not going to be in azur, is azur going to have some new shoulder bags soon? TIA
  2. The Sporty bag will come in Azur.
  3. From what i have heard, its only coming in the reg damier. Its more like the BV. As for the Azur having shoulder type bags- the sporty has adjustable straps which can make it long enough to be a shoulder type...
  4. Reg. Damier a search there are sizes, prices and pics on other threads :smile: