Help! Need gift ideas for a guy.

  1. I've been dating my boyfriend for a little over four months now. And I can't figure out what to get him for Christmas. He once mentioned that he wanted cuff links for his shirts but then I mentioned that to him the other day and he said he doesn't want them anymore because not enough of his shirts need them. A little bit about him, he is a Marine, he's 37, he loves music and cologne. But I thought getting him cologne is kind of boring. Does anyone have any really creative cool ideas? Thanks Girls!
  2. Not very original, but how bout the new iPod?
  3. Take him to the mall/Target/sporting goods store and take notes.
  4. I always try to buy one gift they need and one gift that they can keep as a personal thing.
    all u do is insert pics into the mug sleeve and screw it into cup.THEN u have a cute collage of maybe some cute photos u 2 have together!!
    I love personalized gifts like that!
    I made one for my daughters father for fathers day once and put a pic of them together for each showed her growing up(AND him ageing!LOL!)
    it comes out really cute and the mug only costs 10 dollars but is priceless!!!....
  5. I don't know... I would do something personal (if this is a serious relationship and you guys are close), like make a coupon book (you can buy them, but MAKE one). Or get him one of those Hot sex books and tell him that you're game for whatever's there and have fun with the book together. Something like that.

    I must be truly getting old because the idea of a material thing just to "give" someone has no appeal to me any more. It's just a "thing".
  6. If I've been dating a guy for under 6 months and his birthday or christmas or whatever gifting occasion comes around, I go to Things Remembered and get him a flask and get it engraved for him. It's a personal, very cool gift that guys love (I've given 3 or 4 of them anyway and my boyfriends have always LOVED them). HTH :flowers:
  7. I bought DH a money clip for his birthday. It was a gamble because he never mentioned wanting one but he LOVED it, carries it all the time now!
  8. I would not do something too personal, for a 4 month relationship, unless you guys are really already very serious at this point.

    Does he have an MP3/Ipod? If so, what about credits to where he gets music online or introduce him to a service w/ a prepaid subscription for x time or credit?

    I'd add something fun in too- like if he likes sweets, Harry and David has some things that are cute-like holiday pretzel tubs, peppermint bark, gingerbread Moose munch... I think most ppl like a little bit of "snacky" stuff. Or if he is a coffee guy, get some nice coffee w/a personalized mug- like suggested above.
  9. Thank you girls you are the best!!! I've gotten some great ideas.
  10. for this year's christmas, i just ordered a personalised ipod touch for my dh. they've free engraving service & free shipping:tup:
  11. Does he use business cards? Perhaps a nice silver engraved card holder?
  12. I hear ya, finding a present for a soldier is so hard :cursing:

    Any idea on your budget?
  13. How about concert tickets to a band that he likes?? I bought my boyfriend tickets to a sporting event one year and he loved them!! It is personal and something the two of you can enjoy together.
  14. Music lover....Does he have a lot of vinyl records??????

    If he does, buy him that thing you play records on and it records it to a CD!!!
  15. He has a ton of vinyl records. I've never heard about this. Do you know what its called?