Help - Need Feedback from those with Mini Lin speedy for many years

  1. Hello! my first post here. I'm heading to Paris in 1 week's time for honeymoon and I'm really thinking of getting a Mini Lin Speedy. But I'm very worried that after a few years of rough usage, the fabric will give way and the edges will tear.. I already have a Mono Speedy 30, but really think that it's a very roomy bag and am contemplating either a Damier 30 Speedy or Mini Lin Speedy.. So those who've used the Mini Lin Speedy for many years, please give me some feedback k? Thanks!

    Oh, I'll also be getting the BH + Hampstead MM :yahoo:
  2. My Ebene Mini Lin is about a year old now and it looks as good today as it did a year ago. My Dune is about 6 months old and still looks perfect.

  3. Woh! Your speedies look GREAT!!! I'm thinking of getting the darker one (is it ebene?). But i'm a rough user and am very worried about tears at the edges. Even my waterproof Gucci bag got the prints at the edges rubbed off!
  4. Yes ! These are the same questions I've been asking myself - I've been thinking of getting a speedy as well, but I'm just soooo worried about wear on the corners, AND with getting a dune coloured one (the cuter one !) dirty. I'd love to see more used bags ! :graucho:
  5. Mine was about a year old...and even though I LOVED it, I couldn't help but notice a little bit of wear and tear, even though I didn't use it very often...but maybe it was just my imagination because I was so paranoid??? But I sold it in the end. Either way, it's a great bag and you won't be disappointed!
  6. wear and tear, are you able to post pic's of this.. i'd be interested in seeing.

    Dec 7th i've had mine an year and looks GREAT!!!

  7. as far as i know the mini lin speedy (in ebene anyway) came out last year (October maybe?) so i don't think anyone has had their for more than a year or so...

    I got mine in early December and have used it VERY often since. The condition of the fabric itself is EXCELLENT. The only complaints I have is a bit of wear on the edges (the leather part) and the metal parts, but this seems to be fairly normal. I'm attaching pictures so that you can see the exact condition after a year of frequent use :smile:

    Maybe some of the people that have been using the trapeze bags can post some feedback? The trapeze had a similar type of a linen fabric I believe and was out way before the mini lin speedy.

    hope this helps!
    IMG_1928.jpg IMG_1929.jpg
  8. These bags are not that old...
  9. the mini lin line has not been around that long, but i think the bags should hold up. i know people with the mini line and their bags still look great.
  10. hhmm i wondered that as well. i want the dune for christmas!
  11. I'm quite wary about the cracks on the leather since it seems more delicate and soft.
  12. I've had mine for only a couple of months, and I think it holds up well.
  13. woh! looks like most people thinks the mini lin should be a safe buy.. I'm gonna think about it before i make my purchase. It's gonna be a belated BDay present from my hubby! Since it's a 12 hr flight for me from Singapore, I'm making full use of the trip and am buying the Hampstead and BH for myself as well!! I can't wait!:tender:
  14. [​IMG] this looks like normal wear for a yr old speedy to me anyway.

  15. i agree, i actually think it gives the bag character :smile: