Help! Need fashionable black, rubber-soled flats for work!

  1. I just got hired as a waitstaff floater in the dining room of a Senior Assisted Living place, for some much needed extra money. The supervisor told me I needed black shoes, with non skid type soles, and flat. No tennies allowed. The other waitresses wear horrid nurse/granny type shoes. I want something fashionable that falls within the rules. Comfort applies, of course!

    I've looked around, but cannot seem to find anything. Any ideas? :heart:
  2. Thanks, Cherry. :tup:

    The third from the top would be the only acceptable ones...I'll keep my eyes on them while searching!
  3. Oh, you HAVE to check into Cole Haan Air Nike shoes. They are not only stylish, they are comfy and would be totally appropriate for your job. Check the website: I'd post some pics, but they are protected links. Check the G series too. They also have the Nike Air sole.

    I've got at least 5 pairs of the Nike Air/G series shoes and sandals. They are uber comfy and really CUTE!! :yahoo:
  4. Ah, PP, I had seen the magazine layouts for that line, but totally forgot!

    The Air Bria Ballet looks adorable!

    Thanks girls for your help! From 0 to choices! :heart:
  5. ^^^Air Bria Ballet is the one I wanted to post the pic of. Excellent taste, fellow fiddler! ;)
  6. :graucho:Are we the same person? :lol:

    Symphony season starts up again this week for me. :wlae: I'm a member of the "Freeway Phil", and love to drive around for my gigs...well, minus the gas costs!
  7. You sound like a friend of mine in Cleveland. Do you know Dave Kempers?
  8. How about the Dior black western ballerina flats? I have them and they're great
  9. I just ordered these. They have a tiny heel that will help if you have high arches. They're by Cole Haan and have the Nike Air insoles.

    These two also have Nike insoles and are cute. The second on I ordered too because it look supportive like a tennis shoe:

  10. I have the last pair of Cole Haans that ZoeyZoo won't regret that purchase if you're looking for comfortable walking shoes! When I first got them, I almost regretted it (there were so many cute ballet flats out there to choose from at the time) but I can walk for miles in the city all day in these shoes, and with that rubber sole, they are none the worse for the wear.
  11. Thanks, dolls!!

    I still haven't bought anything yet. I'm waiting for my fngerprint and drug tests to be scheduled, so I have time to mull my choices over. So many cute shoes...can I have them all? :lol: